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Susana Wangare Kanyi, BA, MAT

Susana Wangare Kanyi, BA, MAT

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them,” Dalai Lama 

Ms. Wangare is a graduate of Rowan University and Montclair University. She is an educator with over two decades of experience and has taught math at various levels, including elementary, high school, and college levels. 

Wangare is dedicated to empowering everyone she comes in contact with. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than the feeling of imparting knowledge and positive change to children, as she contributes to making them better members of society. Her educational philosophy is centered around seeing the whole student in the academic process and engaging them in multiple ways so as to help them find their “why” and see themselves in the learning journey.

Having moved to America at the tender age of 17, Wangare has developed a passion for promoting to help attain educational and social equality for the girl child. She firmly believes that if the girl child and woman have the same gender equality afforded the boy or man, there will be no limit to their potential.

Outside of school, Wangare enjoys playing golf, swimming, and reading.