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What We Do

Health Programs

Women play a significant role in family life as mothers, wives, caretakers, leaders, employees, and businesswomen. Yet, they do not invest enough time caring for their health and social conditions. As gender-specific illnesses continue to impact women in America and around the globe significantly, women must become more active in taking control of their health and social issues. If women do not take the necessary actions to negate the prevalence of these diseases and social issues, the impact will continue to be detrimental. With that said, W.L.A. is committed to informing women about the medical and psychological ailments that primarily affect them. We do this through several health-focused events. Some of our past health-focused events include health walks and health brunches, where we ensure we educate women on health-associated issues such as diabetes and mental health.

We accept all types of DONATIONS:

  • Monetary
  • Medical books
  • Medical devices (blood pressure and diabetic machines)
  • First-aid supplies
  • Medications (over-counter medications, antibiotics)